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Unhappy With Your Smile? We've Got You Covered!

Looking down and smilingDo you shun selfies or get camera-shy when it’s time for group photos? Or maybe you refrain from smiling in social or professional situations due to various tooth imperfections, like chips, gaps, or stains.

If your pearly whites could use some perfecting, we offer an array of smile-enhancing solutions to help you beam confidently! After all, your smile is your best accessory, so why not make it stunning?

Options to Help You Get a Gorgeous Grin

At Choice One Dental of Buford, we offer the following cosmetic services to help you love your smile again:

Teeth whitening

Brighten your smile from the comfort of your home with take-home whitening trays. You’ll just need to wear the trays for about 20-30 minutes daily. After about a week you should notice that your teeth are brighter!


Do you hesitate to smile because your teeth are stained, chipped, cracked, crooked, or worn down? If yes, consider veneers that can conceal these and other tooth imperfections, giving you a beautiful smile.


Also called “caps,” crowns are custom covers placed over teeth with a root canal, cracked, weakened, or severely decayed. Our practice uses a porcelain material to make the crown because it blends seamlessly with your other teeth.

Dental contouring

If you’d like to change the shape of your teeth, make them appear longer or shorter, or make them look more symmetrical, then dental contouring may be right for you. The procedure can also be used to fix minor chips or cracks in your teeth.

Align Your Smile With Orthodontics

In addition to our cosmetic services, we offer an array of orthodontic options to give you the straight and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. These include Invisalign® treatment, ClearCorrect™, CandidPro™, and traditional braces. Not sure which is right for you? We’re happy to meet with you and discuss the options.

Beam With Boosted Confidence

Take that first step toward achieving the stunning smile you deserve. Contact our practice today to book a consultation with Dr. Dustin Jacobs!


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