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Specialty Services in Buford

At Choice One Dental of Buford, our specialized dental services go beyond conventional care, tailored to address unique needs and conditions.

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  • TMJ/TMD Solutions: Our range of solutions is tailored to your specific needs, from occlusal guards to jaw repositioners, medications, exercises, and various appliances. Our professionals assess your condition to recommend suitable methods for alleviating discomfort. Lasting improvement varies depending on the condition’s type and severity. We also offer BOTOX injections targeting chewing muscles and TMJ, with effects lasting three to six months.
  • Sleep Apnea Solutions: Combat snoring and sleep apnea non-invasively with custom-fit jaw devices. These devices gently adjust your jaw forward, opening the airway for improved breathing. Unlike CPAP machines, oral sleep devices are portable, noiseless, and not reliant on a power source, offering convenience and effective relief for snoring and mild sleep apnea.
  • Sports Mouthguards: Protect your smile during athletic activities with our custom-fit mouthguards. These guards shield your teeth from injury, preventing cracks, chips, and cuts. Easy to acquire, these guards ensure the safety of your or your child’s smile during contact sports.

Experience Specialized Care

Enhance your oral health with our specialized dental services tailored to your unique needs. Contact Choice One Dental of Buford to explore these specialized solutions and enjoy personalized care for your dental concerns.


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