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Dentures in Buford

Missing teeth affect not only your smile but also your confidence and oral function. At Choice One Dental of Buford, we offer a range of denture options to give you a beautifully restored smile and renewed self-assurance. Whether you need full or partial dentures, our highly aesthetic solutions will leave you looking and feeling your best.

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Options for a Great Smile

Our comprehensive tooth replacement options include:

  • 3D Printed Dentures—crafted with precision, 3D printed dentures offer superior aesthetics and a comfortable fit
  • Milled Dentures—these appliances are designed for long-lasting durability and optimal function, ensuring your smile remains vibrant
  • Acrylic Dentures—a reliable and cost-effective option, acrylic dentures provide a practical solution for tooth replacement

NEW Patients

Going Through the Process

Getting your new appliance begins with an initial comprehensive consultation. We’ll assess your needs during this visit and determine your best options. In addition to comprehensive exams, our team is skilled in offering realignments and adjustments to ensure your dentures fit comfortably throughout their lifespan.

Getting Used to Your New Appliance

The adjustment period for dentures varies from patient to patient, typically taking several weeks to adapt. Taking this time allows you to become comfortable with the changes in your appearance, speech, and eating habits. Most individuals adjust successfully, but some may require additional time to become fully accustomed. Speak with a team member if you have any concerns.

The lifespan of your replacement teeth depends on various factors, such as the materials used and how well you care for them. We use high-quality materials and provide comprehensive care plans to ensure their longevity. We’re committed to helping you enjoy your restored smile for as long as possible.

Care and Maintenance

To extend the life of your dentures, we recommend you follow these instructions

Daily Removal—taking out your appliance at night is essential for your oral health and their longevity
Regular Check-Ups—even with replacement teeth, regular dental check-ups are crucial for a thorough oral exam and oral cancer screening.

Get a Smile You Can Be Proud Of

Our denture solutions are designed to provide you with a beautifully restored appearance and the comfort and functionality you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward a more radiant smile.


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